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Competence Based - OJT Implementation

Do you know that more than 90% of the critical skills that an aviation maintenance technician uses are acquired through on-the-job
training (OJT)?

I provide you with the required strategy for implementing a solid OJT system using proven best practices taken from industry experts.

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Aviation Maintenance Career Consultant

Have you ever felt stuck or uncertain about the next step in your aviation maintenance career? As an experienced Aviation Maintenance Career Consultant, I offer customized guidance to aircraft technicians looking to advance their careers.

Aviation Maintenance Training
Management Advisor 

As an experienced aviation professional, I offer Aviation Maintenance Training Management Consulting to help aircraft maintenance related organizations optimize their training programs and operations.

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Instructional Design Services 

Looking to develop engaging, effective training programs for your aviation organization? As an experienced instructional designer, I offer specialized instructional design services to help create dynamic learning experiences tailored to the aviation industry.

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